GRUNI Card – Offer for the Private Sector: Join Our Student Support Cluster

GRUNI is dedicated to the professional and personal development of its students, prioritizing their health and social well-being. To support these goals, the university has launched various services and projects. A key initiative is the establishment of the Student Support Cluster, accompanied by an extensive information campaign. We are inviting representatives from the business sector to join this collaborative effort.

The Student Support Cluster aims to provide GRUNI students with discounts on a wide range of services in various sectors (recreation, healthcare, culture, self-care, nutrition, entertainment, etc.). Through the GRUNI Card, we will periodically extend these services to over 3,000 local and international students. This initiative is not only beneficial for the students but also for the participating companies, as it promises to increase their sales, customer base, and positioning among young youth generation.

This partnership between the University and the business sector plays a vital role in strengthening social capital and expanding opportunities and accessibility for young people.

Interested parties from the private sector are encouraged to participate in the Student Support Cluster. For more information and to join this endeavor, please contact:

Contact Person:

Professor Khatia Markozashvili, Head of Student and Alumni Support Center

Mob.: 568 11 11 99


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