Innovative School of Justice in Georgia

The development of innovative and community-oriented justice is necessary to ensure equal access to justice, promote justice and preserve valuable resources within the legal system.

These approaches not only strengthen communities, but also align with global best practices and protect human rights.

Twenty-six motivated law students, including the University Law School honors students Nini Ratiani and Nika Nachkibia, graduated from Georgia’s first innovative school of justice – a close collaboration between the Tbilisi State University (TSU) Faculty of Law, the Center for Justice Innovations (New York), and the USAID Rule of Law Program.

Undergraduate and graduate students from 10 universities in different regions had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the legal field, study innovative approaches to justice and get to know the leading experts in this field.

The school concluded with student presentations of group projects involving the practice and theory of community-based justice. These included a short film highlighting the shortcomings of traditional litigation, a proposal for a multidisciplinary access to justice center, and an idea for a website that would bring together the expertise of practitioners, academics and judges to offer free legal resources to people who cannot afford a lawyer.

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