International Scientific Conference – “Media and Education – 2023“

With the involvement of Gruni, the international scientific conference – “Media and Education – 2023” was held for the second time this year. On December 27, Gruni professors Tamar Gagoshidze, Eliso Chafidze, Gocha Ochigawa took part in the work of the conference remotely. (The guarantors of the international conference from the Gruni side were: the deputy rector in scientific direction, professor Vakhtang Charaia, the head of the scientific research management center, associate professor Gocha Ochigawa). The speakers touched on such topical issues raised in the field of media and education, the solution of which requires close cooperation between state agencies and educational institutions, an interdisciplinary approach, in different directions, production/updating of statistics, in terms of civic education, raising the level of knowledge, functional-linguistic aspects of political discourse and media defining the role in politics, observing the norms of journalistic ethics, etc.


Conference materials can be found on this link:

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