Visit of freshmen to the Supreme Court of Georgia

The first-year students of the Law School of the Grigol Robakidze University, within the framework of the pre-clinic of the undergraduate educational program of law, visited the Supreme Court of Georgia with an educational visit.

The first-year students attended the trial, after which they met with the judge of the Supreme Court, university professor – Zurab Samabashvili.

The professor talked to the students about the system of common courts and the special role and function of the Supreme Court, as well as about the powers of judges, current cases, and the uniform practice established by the Supreme Court.

Students visited the historical building of the court and halls of procedural justice; They got acquainted with the history of its establishment and the ancient monuments of law preserved in the Palace of Justice.

The meeting and discussed issues aroused great interest of the young people. All students were given an opportunity to express their opinions.

The students expressed their gratitude to Professor Zurab Zabambashvili for the cordial meeting and interesting review.

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