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Training-research and clinical center of Grigol Robakidze University “Grunivers”

“Grunivers” is a modern clinical center of dentistry, equipped with high technologies available on the world market, and offers the patient a high standard of service – a full range of dental services. Any dental manipulation is performed completely painlessly and safely in a  comfortable environment.

The patient has the opportunity to receive services of all profiles in one space, such as therapyperiodontologysurgeryorthopedicsorthodonticschildren’s dentistry, and dental implantology.

  • At Grunivers, patients are provided with dental services by highly qualified, experienced practicing doctors, who at the same time represent the active academic staff (professors-teachers) of the School of Dentistry of Grigol Robakidze University.
  • Diagnosis is carried out with the latest, patient-safe digital technologies, which allows us to plan treatment correctly and rationally
  • Treatment is planned and carried out using digital technologies that ensure error-free treatment planning with photo protocol and diagnostic models.
  • Guaranteed control of sterilization is carried out in Grunivers. All instruments intended for the treatment of the patient are delivered to the doctor in a special package, and the patient can make sure of the safety of the instruments by the special indicator on the package.
  • The clinic is designed and equipped according to international standards. Tailored to any specific segment such as: details for disabled people
  • A ventilation system with special filters that cleans and purifies the air from bacteria and dust particles, it also provides filtered and clean air to the workspace.

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